Interactiv’ Boxing And No Misspelling Here

I tried boxing once and sucked at it. Yes friends, I hit about as hard as bird poop on a car window. It’s pathetic so before I return to the boxing gym, I need the Interactiv’ Boxing companion. It’s wall mounted and as the name suggests, interactive! Aim for the targets as they light up and choose from 10 training programs. They come with a pair of gloves so fistacuffs is not the name of the game here. Once I’m good and ready, I can return to the boxing gym with my head held high.

Designer: Damien Urvoy

Interactiv'boxing -  Boxing Simulation by Damien Urvoy





  • pierre says:

    nice work:)

  • robert says:

    …need one…

  • reality says:

    or you could go toe to toe with another human.

  • Amjad Khan says:

    I have been kickboxing and doing mix martial arts for over 10 years and this proposal is utterly pointless.

    I don’t think it is of any added value to a training or getting better at boxing. I have many a time thought about problems with punching mitts and kicking bags and thought about better proposals but one thing i did establish is when training the most important thing, is training! Keep it basic and work hard, no gimmicks, just pure aggression, skill and hard work.

    At a quick glance the body shot points are too high and not angled as a human body will be. This thing doesn’t move like a standard punch bag. Movement of the bag is good for bopping and weaving which imitates an opponent.

    Just feel this thing is a posher wii fit, looks pretty though!

    Sorry if im slatting it too much.

  • produktdesigner says:

    This is something the world don’t needs, again. It looks like a mixture of punching mitt and a gaming machine. But it either supports the interaction and the learning from other people, nor is it sustainable or saving energy. Sorry, but in this case the product failed. The presentation is fresh and nice, but the product seems to be one of this you buy and after a while it keeps with the other stuff from the late night advertising TV-shows.

  • irooni says:

    nice 😀

  • the D.I.G says:

    this is some good stuff i would use it

  • JD says:

    Where to buy in the USA?

  • giacomo says:

    Hallo my name is Giacomo i ‘m interested to the product “INTERACTIV BOXING” how much???

  • ry says:

    Yeahhhh I would

  • Tirso Velazquez says:

    Hi how can i purchase this item, I am really interested please get back to me as soon as you can and how much is it. Thanks

  • Hi how can i purchase this item I am really interested please get back to me as soon as you can and how much is it. Thanks

  • Frances Wong says:

    Hi I am interested into the Boxing interactive simulator, how much do you sell? how can I order online?

  • Emrah says:

    “Boards don’t hit back!” Bruce Lee ;D

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