Plant Your Fence!

This creative modular fence concept takes from the classic archetypical backyard fence shape, reducing it to a metal lattice framework that’s perfect for your favorite climbing vine. Each partition can be “planted” directly in the soil or in pots, making it easy to install to unique specifications. With a little water and patience, you can watch your fence come to life!

Designer: Andrea Rekalidis


  • Meadow says:

    Love this. How do I purchase this fence?

  • Sonja says:

    That’s such a great idea! What are the best plants to use for this project?

  • Meadow says:

    Thank you. I will buy several of these!

  • zach says:

    Vines need a porous material to grow into. Wood and concrete work alot better than chain link fences.

    Unless you plan for kudzu to cover your fence, your fence wont grow very well.

  • Jeff says:

    Its amazing how the simplest idea can be such a good seller. This is the simplest idea and yet super effective.

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