Induction Cooking with a Twist

If it’s compact tabletop cooking you’re looking for, then please do consider the Jumble. It’s a flexible set of induction cooking plates with individual temperature zones, controlled by a remote control. It’s easy to juggle the dishes from one zone to another, depending upon the cooking time and technique used. Freeing up prime counter space, the appliance is as practical as it gets.

Designer: Zahira Ivelisse Crespo


  • Dan Martin says:

    This could be a great space saver for people living in a small apartment or loft. It is about time we see some true innovation in cooking appliances. Stoves have looked pretty much the same for 50 years.

  • meira says:

    Love this cooktop!! It’s white, not black, and it has a zen like feel. 😀

  • rhe says:

    Stability could be a serious issue unless it would be mounted to the countertop surface. And to be picky, there’s mistake in dimensions. Anyway interesting concept.

  • Wow amazing!
    Such a great idea but the all important question – how much would that be!?

  • Jermaine says:

    Would I!! I would really love this! I wouldn’t have to use the stove all of the time then for 1 person!

  • Dan says:

    You see? Cooking and food preparation could use an update. Students every where could use a new stove, a different type of stove. Thanks for sharing.

  • z says:


  • Mike says:

    This appliance is cool, I can just picture it sitting on my kitchen counter in my loft, and explaining to my guest that it is for cooking.

  • nice idea, but i don’t see how this is ‘space saving’…. there’s really only room for 3 pots at a time and while fully opened it takes up more room than a standart stove, with wich you could could use 4 pots at once.

  • z says:

    Fully opened, it takes up the same space as a standard stove considering the position of the pivot. This design is meant to accommodate for different lifestyles and needs that may require more mobility and a break from the built-in appliance.

  • like i said before it’s a good idea, but it seems like it doesn’t solve the imagined ‘problem’ with regular stoves. judging the last image, i have to disagree with it being the size of a regular stove when fully opened (comparing it to the sink for example). if it would provide space for 4 pots and maybe a better hinge/pivot design that doesn’t waste so much valuable space then i’m sold, but with the current solution it just isn’t any more practical than a standard stove.

    i’m not trying to bash the concept, just wanna give some criticism for improvements.

  • deeh says:

    I think this is a nice concept with regards to the concerns of the many, that it occupies an equal space as a normal stove with four panels i think the “space-saving” concept of this design is when it is not in use, like for storage purposes.

    The concept itself has a future.

  • samozi says:

    that’s exactly what i want

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