The Best Quality Around for Sound


Associated with the highest of character, the crème-de-la-crème of electronic magnificence – Leica has established themselves as the brand synonymous with quality photography. The signature characteristics of Leica are hard to replicate, but Abby Chan has made it seem effortless with her Leica-X Wireless Headphones Concept. Chan toyed with material choices and finishes all throughout this concept that falls right in line with Leica – the knurling and mesh patterns, the accents of red used as interaction indicators and of course the timeless, elegant Leica logo on the rear of both earbuds. The flexible shoulder rest for these headphones is a smart move here, indicating the quality aspect of the audio device while using robust and thick strain reliefs on the cable as it enters each earbud. There are some nice interaction crossovers here in the form of the twist dials located on either end of the shoulder rest – one is used to control the volume while the other manages the equalizer for the best quality output.

Designer: Abby Chan