Explorer Yacht

The Open Water 60 M combines the amenities of a luxury yacht & the storage capabilities of a long-distance cruiser into one superyacht with an explorer-ship aesthetic. The exterior is straightforward & follows a modern expression of form, an upcoming trend in yacht design. In the cabin, modern interior design, traditional elements, & surfaces of wood, stone, & metal fuse to create a strong contrast in texture & color while floor-to-ceiling windows emphasize the open living arrangement.

The 60m yacht also features plenty of extra space so the user never has to leave any of their favorite toys behind. The upper main deck is fit with helipad, spa/fitness area, and jacuzzi, but still leaves room for jet skis, a dinghy, or private submarine… there’s even room for your Tesla roadster.

The opulent interior is fit with a spacious dining area, an observatory with panoramic views, room for 12 VIP guests, and a lofty owner’s suite with an open floor plan.

Designer: Motion Code: Blue


  • M.J.K says:

    Looks good, I would place the helipad to the rear because it looks like a landed heli would obstruct the view from the control tower. Or would it?

  • Bugrah. says:

    i think helipad is wrong side. but i like it.

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