A Tractor That Will Make Most Cars Look Bad


This stealthy semi-autonomous machine makes you realize just how far we’ve come from the plow and mule! Optimized for all-weather and all-terrain conditions, the multipurpose design can facilitate a number of everyday field tasks from hauling and transport to demolishing and dumping.

Equipped with dual continuous tracks and a robust front directional wheel, the elevated design can traverse a variety of obstacles and ground types, including wet environments. Capable of being equipped with a range of attachments and accessories ranging from excavators to tillers, there’s no task too small or too big.

Phantom was awarded honorable mention in the Valtra Design Challenge 2018.

Designer: Joona Järvinen





Attachment rails make linkage swift and secure. Phantom is also backward compatible with 3-point link attachments. In addition to agricultural activities, Phantom’s features would enable it to perform in different utilities arranging from construction work, forestry, to even natural disaster response.



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