Australian High Speed Vehicle

This sleek train concept, the latest from international design practice HASSELL, was inspired by the hard styling of the iconic 1960s Australian HK Monaro coupe. The A-HSV double-decker train also offers a modern, spacious interior fit with open commuter seating, private quarters for meetings, luxurious dining, & even a convenience store. Aside from being an aesthetic achievement, the A-HSV also presents an alternative low-carbon, safe mode of transport for travelers between the Australian capital & regional cities.

The real ambition behind designing the A-HSV was its response to Australia’s national debates on environmental, economical & social issues. The train aims to reduce the reliance on air & private vehicles, provide shorter travel times to regional cities under pressure from population growth, & reduce transport related congestion within cities.

Designer: HASSEL


  • Mr_East says:

    My English is very poor,like this design.

  • Vladimir says:

    WOW!!!! Superb for me! Could you tell what software did you use to creat this? Alias Automotive?

  • Impressive project, i like the aesthetic of the vehicle (impression of speed), very intersting the configuration of windows and interior design.

  • Lucas Mattos says:

    Doesn’t look very aerodynamic. But i’ts a verry nice project.

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