Micro Music!


It’s 2016, can we do away with earphone cables already?? I’m a fan of the headphone jack, I’ll say. But fiddly wires, not really. I’ve hopped aboard the wireless train, and I’ll admit, it’s nice. For the guys who’re still clinging to their tangly little earplugs, you might as well go all in with Earin. These badboys are so wireless, you’ll be amazed! Literally just two pea sized earbuds that fit into your ear, the Earin earphones are designed to be inconspicuous. They come in a small charging case made out of machined aluminum. Setting a design language for earphones this small is difficult, because there isn’t much of a canvas to play with. The Earins look classy with their matte ribbed design despite of their tiny size. I approve!

(And the IF Design Award jury has approved too!) The Earins have won the IF Design Award for the year 2016.

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