A Game for the Mentally and Dexterously Gifted

Mobius PLAY is a toy/puzzle by designers Paul Sandip and Suhasini. It challenges manual dexterity and mental concentration. The toy constitutes a continuous mobius ring having its ends permanently joined together and a dual snout magnetic roller. One has to hold the mobius ring in one hand and try to move the magnetic roller along the track. Just looking at it and trying to figure out how. . . is brain teasing me. Beautiful concept – a toy sexy enough to stand as an art piece.

Designer: Paul Sandip & Suhasini Paul


  • Sylus says:

    A sexy toy,how’s working at bed?

  • M.Ghazal says:

    This is not challenging at all, i just glazed a it and figure it out. You know…kids are not as stupid as you think they are. REDESIGN IT…

  • monkey face says:

    not really a toy cause a kid would get bored of it in 10 seconds literally, dexterous challenge? does not look it from the pic, but will have to try it out know. At most a coffee table art-toy. Yanko, please don’t over hype!

  • kamal says:

    all i can see is an artpiece.. think of how to make it spin itslf, that will be more eye catching..

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