Infinite Combo Longboard

The Downhill Machine isn’t your conventional longboard. With the adjustability of a race car packed into a skate, the DM was made for speed. Each of the deck-mounted aerospace grade aluminum trucks can be fine-tuned independently so adjusting the width, angle, wheelbase, ground clearance, lift, and downforce are all possible without the need for multiple decks, trucks, and risers of conventional skates. Whether the user chooses to ride a drop deck, top mount, drop trough, or evo setup,  one thing is sure- they’ll be riding a mean downhill machine.


Truck width: 190 – 215

Ground clearance: 20-90mm

Truck angle: 0 – 90 degrees

Deck: 800 x 255 mm – birch & airex core, vacuum laminated with carbon fiber & epoxy resin

Longitudinal flex: very little

Torsional flex: none

Wheelbase: variable

Designer: Nuno Pereira for Powa