Two Hoods for Good

In this modern age of dual-uses for blankets, you might wonder why all the innovation has been taking place on early-morning television and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon’s television channel choices. Well it’s not! There isn’t just a Slanket, there is THIS! This right here, the project we’re looking at in a moment right here, it’s called the “Minus 18”, and it’s made for a little bit of the ol’ wintertime picnic dinner. I bet you didn’t know people had picnics out in the cold snow, did you? Obviously you are not from Minnesota.

This would SELL OFF THE SHELVES if they sold it in my city. We’ve got an event in Minneapolis called Art Shanties where artists from around the area create cold-weather houses in the shapes of robots and igloos and churches and they roll them out onto the ice for a festival of freezing your toes off! This project right here is in the same spirit!

Yes! The Minus 18 is a “picnic planket” made for two. With a simple zip of the ends, the planket is transformed into a fluffy dual-hood to protect the snacking partners from the snow and cold.

Made of plush fabric, water repellant fabric, and zipper – 300x100cm.

Designers: Marlen Hähle, Corinna Wolf, and Anna Schermann


Minus 18 picnic planket by Marlen Hähle I Corinna Wolf I Anna Schermann