Turkish Coffee Set

The 40 Years coffee set concept is a play off the Turkish proverb “a cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.” The set is designed to facilitate the proper steaming and preparation of Turkish coffee by allowing the dregs to settle into the bottom of the ceramic tumbler. The glass cup beneath holds the all important liquor for a real kick. Everything neatly stacks together for storage. Turkish Coffee sets are usually ornate so it’s refreshing to see a modern version.

Designers: Alize Cetintas & Burak Kure


  • Charlotte Backland says:


  • Gareth Bale says:

    Where is the design?
    You are using the cap as a carrier? What about hygenie?
    If you shake the liquor – even unintentionally, it will spit under the coffee cup.

  • designomani says:

    actually japan inax company which is currently the leader of high tech tiles/ceramics have been producing hygienical ceramic and call it like ecocarat. and this design has a cultural background. you had better check Turkish coffee.

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