No Strings Attached

Introducing the Hyper Touch Guitar. From the mind of Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio, this unorthodox design replaces strings with a multi-touch screen, allowing the user to adjust the number of “strings” and frets, as well as tuning and sound effects. A wireless command center that permits endless customization and infinite possibilities of expression.

Designer: Max Battaglia


  • dave says:

    I think I would like to see someone play it or actually play it myself before I castigated it.I’ve played for 53 years and I have seen many innovations,inventions and improvements in that time.Some have made it some have not…..let time be the judge not you.

  • Bill says:

    Finally, an air guitar people can see !

  • bob says:

    I don’t know. If it were actaully made it would probably be the same cost as two or three mid range guitars so i’m not buyin

  • This guy says:

    this is not a guitar this is like some rock band game crap

  • AlyxAlexis says:

    As a learning giutar player, this is horrible. I’m 14 & I would rather play my guitar with strings & a pick. But when this may “replace” guitars, I’ll be one of the lucky ones that still has a real one.

    But i feel like playing Rockband now that i look at this horrendous contraption.

  • Beavis says:

    I’d just like to respond since making music is an altogether creative and freeform process, by “Expediating” the process, you are naturally diminishing the overall creativity and time spent around music. When you turn a leisure activity into something that needs to be time efficient, you are actually taking the “soul” out of it. So ya, this product is stupid. PS. EXPENSIVE really now? and these newer “Guitars” are gonna be less expensive? thats either stupidity or a bullshit marketing ploy.

  • Lord Mason says:

    This thing is stupid! Like one person commented “GUITAR HERO” and this thing is just a over glorified guitar from Guitar Hero! Whoever buys this should get a real F*****G TALENT!

  • jimmy hoe says:

    This thing is for dorks. If you want REAL innovation, try a moog guitar.

  • MyNameisName says:

    Looks cool but that’s just about it, I would never play this! Ruins the true feel of a real guitar.

  • dmacb says:

    that’s awesome, give me a more traditional body shape and i’ll start setting aside my pennies.

  • ted says:

    they already do, its called auto-tune

  • Maverick Joseph Korvin says:

    The Day The Music Died.

  • Brian says:

    …I really really disapprove… I’ve tried fake playing without strings when I was replacing my strings last time and it was hella weird… No strings at all sounds like a really bad idea… Forever.

  • Matt says:

    I’m sure Matt Bellamy already has one by now… 🙂

  • Not You says:

    So most of the arguement for this guitar is the fact that your lazy. If you would go so far to spend more money on a guitar because you cant tune it yourself or replace the strings because your lazy? You do realize you can change the stings in a matter of minutes, and retuning a guitar takes seconds? Even if you want to go to dadgad its easy as pie. As for recording, you can just do the same thing with fruity loops, IF you know theory, so its pretty much a redundant product made to glorify the modern age. It seems more like another gimmick for whoever is selling it to make a quick buck on people who will let it sit in the corner of their house and somehow learn to get it to play Jimmy Buffet on its own.

  • Matt Spire says:

    Hmm. Well, I can see plenty of arguments for and against, but as with most instruments that are more electronic the obvious concern is the amount of expression. I’m a keyboardist and guitarist, and even with some of the wonderful keyboards out there these days, this is why I always gravitate towards guitar–it’s just such an expressive instrument.

    I don’t see how they could accurately model things like harmonics without an actual string component, even if it’s not on the neck.

    Seems like this would just be a much better version of your run of the mill MIDI guitar, hopefully with better synthesis. With that in mind, it’s a nice tool but not the “future of guitar.”

  • Bill says:

    Whilst Electric devices have some good points (extended range, greater flexibility more sounds) some others have some natural flaws.(electric pianos and electric drums share the same flaw, lack of overtones) Instruments like electric guitar and violin and such(things that still have strings but are electric) can be improved cause they’re electric (a natural violin can only have four strings, otherwise it might break, electric violins have as many as six now) Now Electric drums and pianos are “empty” in a way, you can’t do some of the natural things that natural instrument can (technology can’t YET reproduce the millions of overtones a piano produces when played) Am I trashing this guitar? No! I think it has it’s purposes but it’ll never successfully reproduce a guitar. But this instrument expands the capabilities of what we can do with one instrument, with such technology,(from a teacher’s stand point) tweaked a little bit, we can let a child figure out what instrument is best for them before purchasing a billion instruments. Also would be a good MIDI controller. And the multiply options would allow any good musician to really explore all their options and really voice what’s in their head, something I been hindered by before myself. I definitely want this instrument!

  • Joe scott says:

    whats the Point of even learning the guitar anymore then? this takes away of the idea that practice makes perfect ! With this lame what ever you want to call it keypad, then anyone can be a so called musicican and music no longer comes from the heart and soul anymore! This takes away from any musician that has real technique from years of practicing, gone down the tubes!, when you screw up on the guitar you can hear it , if you screw up on this thing no matter, it will fix the notes in real time so no one know`s how lousy you`re at playing a real instrument!!!

  • Spaz says:

    I believe it’s more impressive to teach yourself how to play. Some of the greatest players in history never took any lessons or learned music theory. Plus that stuff costs money. Don’t bash people who don’t take lessons.

  • Zacko says:

    … from 2112 🙂 Except that guitar lifeson played was real

  • This isn’t as all that good.

  • Music may grow but given the fac t that it’s easier we’ll get more crappy music faster. Even more so than we do today with that easy “click some buttons and make music fit for a rapper” stuff. Sure it’ll be cool but it again is taking out another part that makes music music, and that’s talent

  • bot says:

    This is just a keyboard!

  • Tim says:

    Times change, if this guitar well thats the form
    Of it, people if this guitar brings more people out thats what it’s about. Don’t kid yourself i’d
    Never give up my stringed guitars and i’v played guitar for 24 years!!!!!!!

  • Bill says:

    Don’t call it a guitar.
    It isn’t.
    A guitar is something that requires skill and soul.
    Don’t e v e n insult those of us who actually took the time to learn how to play guitar.

  • Jakob says:

    Ide imagine because it takes the beauty of playing and learning about a guitar and turns it into a simple selection of sound and placement of fingers. I hope they do come out with it. Just so in the hopes that the Dj’s that don’t know how to play guitar will try it. and a more diverse playing “style” may emerge.

  • cody says:

    Seriously people. Calm your selves. I don’t think this guitar is meant to kill guitars. its actually really awesome. Coming from someone who is in a band, and plays many instruments, its not some “rock band piece of crap” its not colored buttons, it works the same as a guitar, just no strings. You all know, if you walked into guitar center and saw one, you would pick it up and play with it. Then you would go “this thing is totally cool.”it has an awesome looking design, and is the top of the line electronics as it appears. So while you wont see it replacing guitarists real guitars, you have to give it respect for the amazing, intuitive design.

    • Sean says:

      Took the words out of my mouth. It’s not so much a guitar as it is an instrument of its own kind that looks a lot like a guitar. It really doesn’t seem like it would play much like a guitar as it would a continuum that you hold. In fact, by definition this isn’t technically a guitar so I really don’t see what everyone is getting so worked up about.

    • Sean says:

      Took the words out of my mouth. It’s not so much a guitar as it is an instrument of its own kind that looks a lot like a guitar. It really doesn’t seem like it would play like a guitar as much as it would a continuum that you hold.

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