Knork’s sustainable Eco plates have a unique shape that lets you comfortably rest your wine glass too

Sustainable entertaining is slowly becoming a thing, at least, for those people who are eco-conscious and willing to care more for Mother Earth. The KNORK Eco line continues to deliver genius design and epic functionality with another useful product that goes well with the Knork eco cutlery introduced a few years ago. Sustainable living starts when you make sustainable choices no matter how small or trivial they might seem—and this KNORK Eco Party Plate is another step in that direction.

Designer: KNORK

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The KNORK team can help by giving us “greener” choices. From the same company that delivered the bamboo-based KNORK Eco plastic cutlery, here comes the KNORK Eco Party Plate. The new product works with the KNORK Eco forks and the Knork stainless steel forks. As with the previous products, the eco plate offers more than just a cool design aesthetic.

The KNORK Eco product line proves you can combine great functionality with great design. It also brings authentic sustainability as Knork is known for its real, sustainable products that are uniquely made. The Eco line gets more points as the products are reusable and compostable. You can use them repeatedly without having to worry about the utensils getting damaged. They will only break down when you dispose of them, which will happen in two years.

Like the KNORK utensils, the Knork Eco party plate is also made from bamboo and sugarcane offcuts, specifically, those from furniture factories. This means another step towards a zero-waste future. We believe more related products will also be introduced as the campaign for a more sustainable society is moving forward.

The KNORK Eco party plate boasts an intelligent design. It’s not the usual round plate as the shape is similar to an artist’s palette. The center portion allows you to hold a wine glass while holding a plate. It’s for those parties when you just stand as you interact and eat or drink. There is also a portion when a Knork Eco utensil can also hang.

The Astrik resin material used on the eco party plant results from moldable polymer that appears and looks like plastic with a glossy finish. It is biodegradable and is also dishwasher- and food-safe. When it’s time for disposal, you can quickly introduce it to soil, and it will biodegrade in two years completely as compost. Astrik is sustainable, durable, and has been repurposed, so this KNORK Eco party plate can be easily harvested without the need to do further damage to landscape or soil. It is also heat tolerant, moisture resistant, and is very strong.

The KNORK Eco product line leaves a little environmental impact. It promotes sustainability during parties, and that’s how we want to entertain. After this KNORK Eco Party Plate, we’re looking forward to the KNORK Eco party cup.

Click Here to Buy Now: $24.50 $34.99 (30% off sitewide with Coupon Code “YANKO”). deal ends in 48 hours!