Providing the Third Basic Need

Shelter is one of the three basic necessities — this is why this project exists, and this is why if it doesn’t work, something eventually must. Quoting UN Habitat, the designer of the project notes that the number of people living in slums is currently at 1 billion, and is likely to grow to 2 billion by 2030. Blocks House is an shelter project made to create houses of any size to accommodate a family. Blocks Houses are made of recycled Polyethylene, Polypropylene and can protect people from the elements at a low cost.

Creating a new pod (or Blocks House) is a process that requires only the molding of sets of two or three unique blocks, its inexpensiveness making it accessable to slum villages. Replacement pieces can be accessed, and old houses can be recycled into new ones. Blocks House relies on natural resources like daylight, air, and rain water harvesting ability, and is not attached to the land so that it may be easily dismantled and moved around.

Take a peek at the video below!

Designer: Altamash Jiwani