Super Modular Modular Shelving

How super is super modular? You’ll have to judge that for yourself. The amount of modular any item can be really depends on how modular the person using it allows it to be. Be super modular! This shelving system is modular to the max, it’s called IVY Modular Shelving Systems and it’s made to grow on your wall according to your lifestyle, changing at your will. IVY allows you to configure and reconfigure the assembled layout as you wish, each shelf moving with ease. Unique configurations can be done with as many or as few shelves as you wish.

Each shelf is shipped in three pieces, each shelf is assembled at home using keyhole fasteners that are integrated into the pieces themselves. These same fasteners are used to attach the shelves to the walls. Make a tree, make a bush, make a completely non-green object or array. Go wild!

Designer: Paris Lowitz