E-Ink for Time Telling

Let’s have a glance at a watch that employs the now-famous and awesome E-Ink technology made famous by, if I’m not mistaken, the Amazon Kindle eReader. This watch is a double-down in that it uses E-ink to for both form and function, allowing the bold and radical lines to make the watch beautiful and very readily visible. This watch is made of glossy black metal, embellished with small chrome parts.

The display is adjusted with two buttons along the left side of the watch. The bottom display is the lighter gray of the background being used as the numbers display with the black merging with the black of the watch metal. Blasting off into hard bold, bold space with a metal stone.

Designer: Jonathan Frey


  • Ismael says:

    How much is Horodron

  • Dave says:

    Absolutely awesome design and concept, and like 99.99 percent of you, I would buy one in a heartbeat, as long as it was under £200. If anyone hears of a pre order list, please make everyone aware on here if possible……Cheers

  • Dan says:

    I want it! Pre oder list knowledge is a must!

  • djrichard says:

    This is a no brainer to release to market. What’s taking so long?

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  • M Nasir says:

    Kindly send the price of watches

  • ggdiva says:

    its the julian date

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