The Tiniest Tron

So you like strips of bright light aside blackness, greenness, or grayness, yes? You must love the heck out of this Tron: Legacy wave of items coming out as of late! I know I love it. Not because all of them are good (excluding the one I’m about to show you, of course,) but because they’ve got that one singled-out limit that ties them all together. Let’s have a group show! Someday maybe. Now check this little thing out – it’s a Tron Ring!

This is no total concept work, this is real, ready to go, out there in the world. This ring is designed by James Thompson and is milled by his company Black Badger Advanced Composites. Specifically, it’s milled from a cross section of solid carbon fiber plate, (offcuts from aerospace production), fused with DuPont Corian. So far it comes in blue and orange, and a white version is coming on soon. This ring will be shown at Designboom Mart 2011 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, check Black Badger out!

Designer: James Thompson