Floating City ala Haiti

So when you think of Haiti, what do you think about? Probably some sort of… disaster area? Well how about this instead – Tangram 3DS collaborating with Boston Architect / Designer E Kevin Schopfer together creating a floating agricultural / light industrial city right off the shores of Haiti. What’s it called? Harvest City. Behold a 2 miles in diameter complex of tethered floating modules. Holy goodness gracious!

There are four zones in this project, communities interconnected by a linear canal system. Each of the four major canals are focused on building neighborhoods that consist of four story housing complexes. All along the outer perimeter are “one acre” crop circles with secondary feeder canals. The inside “harbor” is a city center with schools, administrative buildings, community activities, and a general marketplace. The whole entire complex floats and will be cable secured down to the sea bed.

The low profile of the entire system, low draft, dead weight capacity, and perimeter wave attenuators, hurricanes and typhoons will have little effect besides their collection of “much needed water harvesting.” Helpful! A breakwater will be in place to add to the city’s stability. AND AND AND since they know that that silly earthquake is still fresh in everyone’s minds, (especially those directly affected by it,) the project includes using all of the concrete rubble debris crushed down by the disaster as breakwater filler. Excellent!

Designer: Tangram 3DS and E. Kevin Schopfer