House by House, Piece by Piece

Welcome to SmartHouse! This is a completely modular system for putting together your brand new house, all of it made with pure, sweet, German craftsmanship and design quality. This project, while not conceptual in the way many of the projects on Yanko Design are conceptual, works as a concept for the consumer’s future life. With low operating costs, low environmental impact, and high energy efficiency, all inside a house you yourself designed from a selection of pieces – what more could you ask for? Super neato!

Each house is tailored for your individual needs and personal taste – made with natural materials (as much as possible, I understand,) and delivered to your location of choice as one solid piece. No architect, no construction noise, no mess, no stress. Need an expansion to your home? No problem! Just check the newest catalog for available pieces! Available right this very second via [Mobile SmartHouse]

ALSO NOTE: this design received an honorable mention in the Red Dot design awards of 2009. Prestigious!

Designers: Mobile SmartHouse