Billiard Revolution

Welcome to a total top-to-bottom re-design of the classic billiard table, designed by a crew of 5 young designers on their way to the top and manufactured by Toulet, one of the sweetest billiard table manufacturers in France or the USA. The innovative shape of this table is instantly recognizable. Where the classic table design was made based on the single surface and four legs concept, this one’s basically a giant ribbon. Then it gets really fun…

It’s got a juke box that’ll allow you to connect your iPod or iPhone or other MP3 player, the entire table is made without wood, instead opting for steel and resin, respecting the traditional design only in the bottom in slate. This table can be broken down into sections and delivered across the world, and will be available for sale through Toulet’s sales department in Bondues as well as through national / international retailers and their website at buy em up!

Designers: Pierre-Marie Cronier, Marc-Antoine Aubert, Jean-Baptiste Deconinck, François Vercoutère, and Thomas Bailly