This multifunctional wall-mounted furniture design transforms into a private + noise reducing workstation!

If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a major issue that you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraint! These modern-day cramped apartments call for modern and smart solutions, which often come in the form of multifunctional and modular furniture designs. And one such solution that I recently came across is Sipario. Sipario is a wall-mounted design that does much more than you might think! Created from a combination of wood, plastic, and metal, Sipario is a compact furniture piece that can transform into a workstation that not only offers privacy but reduces noise as well.

It was created to provide a more flexible means of working, and it does exactly that! It comprises of wooden strips that are in fact bendable! When kept open, Sipario functions as an open wall-mounted work desk, that occupies minimum space, while providing you with a comfortable nook to work in. However, when the strips are bent, Sipario transforms into a more personal and private workspace. In fact, the gaps in between the bendable wooden strips contain a layer of sound-absorbing fabric, that reduces noise and creates a peaceful and quiet environment that is conducive to your daily productivity. It allows users to pick and choose between an open and a more private home office, without making the process too complex or complicated. The fact that Sipario is aesthetically pleasing when opened or closed, is something to be appreciated as well.

Sipario is a simple, minimal, and clean desk design that would fit and merge perfectly with any living space it is placed into. I could see it working for a cramped apartment, as well as a sprawling home. It’s a flexible and multifunctional furniture design that could cater to the needs of a variety of users!

Designers: Leon Bora Yegenoglu, Sara Ubertosi, Luca Riva, and Ines Schillemi