Throw The Perfect Christmas Party

Is there a recipe to throwing the perfect Christmas Party? YES! You take a bunch of merry people, toss them with good tidings and garnish with loads of love & cheer. While most of the above ingredients are readily available, hosting in the perfect setting can get a bit tricky. Not to worry, because here are some ideas that’ll make your holiday shindig a success.

Polar Ice Tray by Jacky TC Wu

Ice can make or break a party but leave the boring cubes in the freezer. Step up your game with an Inukshuk ice sculpture. Familiar? It was the official symbol of the 2010 Olympics Winter Games.

Colors: White, Red & Black
Price: $59

Trio Plate (Set of 2) by Jean Marc Gady

Good food is 50% taste and 50% presentation. The Trio Plate elevates even the simplest nibbles to culinary perfection.

Price: $48

Tissue Box by John Brauer

“Attention to detail”, a phrase hammered into my head by my etiquette teacher! Details like an artistic tissue box can add a dash of elegance to any room.

Colors: Red, White & Black
Price: $32

Slate Tabletop Fireplace by Gido Wahmann

Make your space cozy and inviting with this Slate Tabletop Fireplace. The steel oil burners mimic logs in a fireplace. A handsome addition to any party.

Price: $365

Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers by Alberto Mantilla

Christmas is all about love and giving. The Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers endorse that sentiment aptly.

Price: $24

Migration by Lichen Studio

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without decorations and lights. Set the mood right with the Migration modular oil candles.

Price: $98

City Rain Concrete Glass by 25toGo

I’ve loved the City Rain Concrete Glass tumblers ever since they made their debut in the YD store. Each one was handcrafted with love and precision. Made of high water-absorption concrete and glass, they’re awesome!

Price: $18

Wine Tree by Delia

As the host you’re allowed to be a bit of a show-off, but do it with class and sophistication. Display that collection of wine you’ve been working on all year with the Wine Tree!

Price:7 Bottles Rack – $89; 10 Bottles Rack – $ 149; 17 Bottles Rack – $175

d°light Bubbles by Diana Lin

Another item that holds a soft spot are the d°light Bubbles. They’re fun and interactive. They exude charm and wit, lighting up the most mundane spaces with a subtle glow.

Price: $139

Animal Shot Glasses by Goody Grams

Round out the night with shots of your favorite liqueur in these Animal Shot Glasses. Perfect way to end a very special night as people stagger home.

Available in: Bull, Bear, Moose, Rhinoceros, Deer, Rabbit and Ram. All 7 designs come with a detailed look and shape.

Colors: Black & White

Price: $28