Planting Paper Flowers

How many times during the day in the dead of winter do you just sit there and think, gosh! I wish I could plant a flower right now! Well now we all can! Sandra Bautista’s designed a collection of flowers on paper that, with a bit of rolling and basically a simple cup or vase, you’ve got a loverly flower any time of the day!

Take a look at these instructions, and be sure they are followed to the t! Especially make sure to heed number five:

1. Choose a flower.
2. Place it as the cover.
3. Make a roll with all pages together.
4. Put it in a vase.
5. And of course, don’t water it!

32 Flowers. 29×37 cm.
Everyday a different one, everyday a beautiful one!
Flowers make people happy, give flowers as a gift!

No dunking! Flowers for the love of looking only!

Designer: Sandra Bautista for itunube