Stuffed toys, Robotics, Coding, and Bedtime Stories, the Mochi Robot for kids has it all

What if you didn’t need a screen to learn code? What if this new method was playful and intuitive enough to help children learn the basics of coding without being attached to a phone or a tablet? What if it had an aspect of storytelling that made learning engaging? These three questions form the basic framework of the Mochi Robot, an interactive experience that helps kids of today learn and play.

At its heart, the Mochi Robot is “LEGO-Compatible, Screenless Coding for Ages 3-6”. It’s a toy centered around a fictional character, a magical map, and a storybook that helps kids guide the character around the map to complete quests. It all starts with the storybook, which is read to the kids by a parent or guardian. The storybook takes the character, an adorable plush bear named Mochi, on an adventure to explore unknown lands and learn new things, and then brings it back home. Based on the story, children try to make the Mochi plush navigate the adventure on a cloth map that’s laid out on the floor. Mochi comes with a programmable robot that’s fed commands through a control center. The control center relies on tiny command-squares to create a sequence of actions. Kids can arrange these squares in any sequence, making the robot move forward, turn, make a sound, do a dance, or redo an entire sequence. The story from the book comes alive as the child plays director, creating a special algorithm that makes Mochi the robot follow the storybook’s adventure. The entire set comes with multiple books and maps, exploring everything from the alphabet to shapes, colors, and even more complex subjects like the earth, biology, and time. The robot that guides Mochi is compatible with Lego bricks, adding a layer of creativity and build-ability to the kit, allowing kids to truly explore all corners of their imagination while grasping coding’s basic concepts through a tactile, non-screen interface designed especially for young minds. Transform the robot into a spaceship, a boat, a house, a bird, or any abstract concept to give the game a new appeal every day!

Designed to strengthen a child’s STEM foundation, allowing them to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills through play, Mochi and its series of adventures help keep children entertained while also relying on Montessori learning techniques to teach them facts about the world around them as well as help them develop an appreciation for coding, all without those addictive screens!

Designer: Mark Pavlyukovskyy

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Mochi Robot: LEGO-Compatible, Screenless Coding

The Mochi Robot teaches children (ages 3-6) coding concepts while learning ABCs, 123s, words, numbers, colors, and more during hours of screen-free, hands-on play.

Learn to code while exploring 12 different subjects through hours of interactive, hands-on play. 100% screen-free. 100% fun.

Through engaging plot lines, Mochi harnesses boys’ and girls’ love of storytime and encourages early childhood literacy—the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

What is Included

You decide what you want Mochi’s robot to do.

Think how you want Mochi to move, find those blocks, put them into the programming board, and press ‘Please Go’ to execute your code!

Put a FUNction block on the main sequence and add blocks in function line to create your very first function call.

Explore adventures from the Mochi Story Library to enrich the learning experience.

Mochi’s Adventures

Mochi comes with up to 12 adventures. Each adventure is comprised of: a story book, a matching story map, and coding blocks unique to that adventure. Each adventure takes your child on an epic journey through topics ranging from ABCs to Biology to Good Habits. After each story, complete the coding challenges to see Mochi’s adventures come alive on the Story Maps.

Sneak Peak from Story Books

How it Works

Coding Blocks

Below: See Mochi in 60 Seconds.

Mochi engages your child in computing and problem-solving through hands-on code, interactive storytelling, and DIY assembly.

Children learn at their own pace and challenge themselves by designing their characters, experimenting with coding commands, and exploring new subjects.

LEGO Compatible

Mochi’s robot is fully compatible with LEGO and is the perfect platform for the budding engineer and artist. Your child can experiment with hands-on DIY.

Mochi is made from 100% natural, biodegradable wood-based materials, to ensure your child’s safety now and inspire sustainable values for a lifetime. It offers high-quality, long-lasting play and is a great reason to bring you and your child together for memorable learning experiences.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $299 (37% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left! Only 3/17 left!