Sunlight VS Pixel Power

Sunglasses, the coolest thing since sliced bread, are about to get a wild revamp. Designer Chris Mullin presents “Electronic Sunglasses,” a concept for blocking the sun not all at once, but in a targeted manner, creating not just a blocked vision, but a modified one. These glasses have what Mullin calls a “glare shield” that reacts to and follows bright light sources inside the glasses area, blocking it to a degree that will potentially change the way you see the world, letting you see straight forward when otherwise the sun would force you to blink.

These glasses work by putting in front of your eyes a liquid crystal display that’s got the ability to detect and block the brightest lights in your field of vision. These glasses do such a thing by darkening the pixels in the area the light is coming through the lenses. Simple enough. This process of pixel darkening happens faster than you can see, says Mullin, so don’t worry about any lag. All the electronics are stored within the frames (the style of which will get a make-over once the project gets funding) and rechargeable batteries fit in the right-side ear-bar.

Now check it out, because it’s not often that this happens: not only is this project on its way to becoming a reality, but you can help in a very real way, and get something neat in return! You know about the site by the name of KickStarter? Well you do now: [Electronic Sunglasses on KickStarter] – get over there and throw down some consideration for a cool dude.

Designer: Chris Mullin