The most powerful MagSafe Battery Pack gives your iPhone an impressive 10,000mAh boost

It’s a good thing Apple discontinued its MagSafe Battery Pack, because frankly, it sucked. With an abysmal 1,460mAh capacity, it’s really no match for the one from TORRAS. Armed with a whopping 10,000mAh internal battery that can wirelessly charge at speeds of 15W, the TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack knocks pretty much any competition out of the park. It also packs a fold-out stand for good measure, allowing you to prop up your device while it’s charging.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: $47.99 $79.99 (40% off, use coupon code “TORRAS214” at checkout). Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours!

The TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack is a relatively slick snap-on gadget that attaches onto your iPhone or any MagSafe-ready smartphone. With a sizeable 10,000mAh battery, it can juice your entire smartphone four full times before it needs to be recharged, making it quite the lifesaver (especially if you’re the kind of person to forget charging their power bank). With that kind of capacity, you can charge multiple devices together (thanks to the USB-C port on the base), allowing you to share power with a buddy, or even charge an extra gadget you have on hand. The MagSafe Battery Pack will output 20W of power through its USB-C, while supplying 15W through the wireless charging coil, giving you the ability to rather rapidly charge your devices regardless of how you connect them. For smaller devices like TWS earbuds, the MagSafe Battery Pack even has a ‘trickle charge’ mode that reduces the power output, which can be activated simply by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

Each MagSafe Power Bank comes with a distinct metallic outer shell that feels vastly more premium than Apple’s own plastic battery pack. The metallic exterior is also furnished with one of TORRAS’ O-ring pop-out stands, which can even rotate, letting you prop your phone vertically or horizontally during charging. The latter activates your iPhone’s ‘StandBy’ mode, which is quite useful to see the date/time or the Superbowl score in realtime as your smartphone charges!

Handling a whopping 10,000mAh battery (with simultaneous device charging) obviously is no joke, but that’s a domain where TORRAS was built to shine. Having developed some industry-leading neck-worn cooling wearables, the cooling technology developed for TORRAS’ Coolify product line ended up translating rather well to its MagSafe Battery Pack. Charging can sometimes cause components to heat up, reducing the charge-efficiency… but TORRAS’ patented heat dissipation tech helps retain that high-efficiency at all times. The sleek kickstand holds a patent too, for its ability to fold flat into the power bank when not in use, and open out into a 360° rotating stand when you need.

The TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack is available in white and black variants, with a titanium version releasing in the near future. You can check out the collection here. About the same width and length as a credit card, and weighing just 206 grams (7.2 ounces), the MagSafe Battery Pack is perfectly pocket-sized, allowing you to carry it along with your phone without really feeling too much bulk. The fact that it securely snaps onto the back of your phone definitely helps too. The TORRAS MagSafe Battery pack starts at $79.99, although it’s available for a 40% discounted price of $47.99 for a limited time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $47.99 $79.99 (40% off, use coupon code “TORRAS214” at checkout). Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours!