Sassy Hanger Bag

Look at that! It’s a clever bag for carrying home all your newly purchase clothing you got this excellent shopping season. It’s an upside-down hanger, it looks nice, it’s got some great color to it. But what’s this? Is this… yes! It’s detachable, and I can use it to hang my clothing up! What a good little bag you’ve been. I will not recycle you. Have fun, use your products always! Add this to your file of “best packages basically ever.”

This project goes by the name “Get the Hang of It” and it’s designed by DEDE DextrousDesign. You’ll see a couple more designs by the same people in the future (or if this post has been up for some time, in the past!) Carry me home, cleverly designed bag, carry me all the way home.

Designers: DEDE DextrousDesign