VERY Public Sauna

Welcome to the Mjölk Sauna! This project is a contribution to the world made by the fine designers over at Mjölk Architekti, a public space utilization in the city of Liberec in the Czech republic. It’s a sauna, a standard enough sauna in which you can go for a nice steam, but the location is quite significant: on an abandoned concrete platform located several dozen meters away from a popular public promenade and beach.

This abandoned concrete platform is located in a city dam, the bank of which is publicly owned by the municipality, the concrete structure and the dam itself owned by state administrator of watercourses of the Labe river Povodí Labe. No authority was given to create this structure, no legal permit was issued.

The designers (and constructors) at Mjölk Architekti presented this structure to city representatives the day after it was constructed. It’s unclear what their reaction was, but it appears that the structure still stands today! Anyone can use the sauna, access is given by a rowboat operated from a nearby cafe where keys and firewood also can be found.

Mjölk Architekti says:

The meaning of this happening is to draw attention to limitless opportunities of cultivation of public space and life only through a simple idea and a little bit of enthusiasm and money.

location: Liberec, Czech republic
preparation: 5 days
building time: 8 hours
total cost: 2.200 EUR (approximately $3,000 USD)

Timeline (2010):
15th Sept. 8pm speech at Pecha Kucha Night Prague (in Prague),
15th Sept. 11pm – 8am construction of sauna (Liberec city dam),
16th Sept. 5pm opening ceremony (Liberec city dam)

Designer: Mjölk Architekti