No Stopping Public Relaxation

Welcome to the future, where no road, train track, or body of water is barrier to the enjoyment and relaxation a person living in a city finds in a simple day in the park. As designer Mark Warren writes, “the city is made up of many urban barriers. These barriers provide and obstruction of the urban fabric. The area ABOVE these barriers can be used to provide not only a connection to the other side, but a space that can be used [for] more than just a bridge.” What a magnificent discovery!

In a truly brilliant move, Warren uncovers a simple idea: bridges, normally constructed for cars (or sometimes just for walking) over these urban barriers could also be used to create a public park! There not only could you cross over to the other side, but also hang out, have a picnic, or enjoy the boats rushing underneath.

The closest thing I’ve seen to this project is the walk bridge in my city Minneapolis – it’s wide enough that you can stand comfortably and enjoy the scenery, but there’s certainly no grass or trees. Most excellent idea Mark Warren, most excellent.

Designer: Mark Warren