Up N Down N Screwin’

This is Yoyo Furniture and it’s designed by none other than Juil Kim, the designer who brought you that fabulous bike with an iPhone in it. Neato. This design is far from that. This design is a piece of furniture that’s all about adjustment. You can move it up, you can move it down. Don’t expect to move it around very much though because it’s HEAVY! This bit of furniture is made of glossy ABS, glossy anodized legs, and a concrete base. Wowie!

Adjust the height of your table – of course! Just screw it that way or this way just a bit and you’ve got your perfect height for whichever activity you happen to be doing at the time. And then there’s a lovely little dish to uncover and put your peanuts in too. How convenient.

Designer: Juil Kim