Arresting Development

Fetishes are an interesting phenomenon, you never know when something might peak your curiosity and strike you in a gratifying way. Rarely in life does an object instantly make you raise an eyebrow and re-imagine what turns you on, sexually or any other way. Little, if anything is known about this Handcuff watch by Luis Berumen dubbed “ZeroPointZero”, but I believe he has successfully tapped into humanities deep fascination with possession and control. By incorporating a digital watch into a pair of handcuffs, he might be mockingly commenting on humanities futile desires to control the one thing in life we have no control over. The persistence of time is a cruel mistress and so is this watch.

Designer: Luis Berumen [ Via: TFTs & Gizmodo ]


  • moburkhardt says:

    how does it show the time is it 10:10 o’clock in this example?

  • billy says:

    hope it comes with a key. its a good deterrent against burglars as its securely double handcuffed to your arm. this should be part of any police uniform – multifunctional, and they can record the time of arrest, how practical. for all its practicality, cough, the designer should be shot.

    • unknown says:

      You should be shot.
      this is a interesting and multifaceted design, and you are complaining you can’t arrest people with it?
      It’s not meant to practical.

  • Christine says:

    This is awesome. I absolutely love the design, the red glow and polished finish. It’s high-tech, futuristic and has a great metaphor.

  • rayelle says:

    cool! i’d wear it

  • Bryan says:

    10:10 are always the example time standard

    • RustnEver says:

      Analogue is always 13:50 but digital doesn’t have a standard in advertising

  • Christine Chung says:

    love it as watch function but not personal security function though. It seems to me that the two rings are parallel to each other and linked by chain on top but chain is not movable. But love the design. I hope it’ll make it to the market someday~

  • Sule says:

    Does anyone know how I can buy this watch??

  • Zavon Jones says:

    Interesting design and concept

  • pat leblanc says:

    where can i buy the handcuff watch? i need one

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