Field Pen of Solidity

Uh oh! Looks like designer Sylvain Gerber is at it again! This time with something completely different than a speaker flake: this one is branded with the high quality field pen brand Rotring and called “FLEX MECH.” It’s a flexible topped pen where the flexible rod is housed in a guide tube which pushes the ink down with a spring, then brought out the mine at the bottom. What a weird pen situation!

I know I always love my pens to do gymnastics, and this is no letdown. The bottom of the pen is made of aluminum and painted black, the rest is a comfortable mesh I’m sure will be more than comforting for your everyday usage. Lovin it.

Designer: Sylvain Gerber


  • Hiren says:

    The pen design is very diffrent. but techniqualy it is not possible for push type mech.

  • Pericles says:

    the design is lovely but i am a little concern for the grip, does it look like or feel like the normal size of a pen because if the grip is a little bulky i believe it would be difficult to hold the pen especially for cartoonist. but its something i would like to own, so tell me where can i buy this pen?

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