The Perfect JBM Cup

This right here is The Jamaica Blue Mountain® cup designed by none other than Santos Bregaña of Atelier Laia. The folks at Atelier Laia are known for their world-famous fantastical cups and dishes and dinnerware, so you know when you get that name in your sights, you’re about to see some quality. What this “perfect cup” consists of is a set of the most perfect characteristics possible for the drinking of Jamaica Blue Mountian coffee.

In the past, coffee cups were made so that they’d work well with any sort of coffee that was put in them. Now that has changed. Here it is, a coffee cup with a specific coffee in mind. First, the bottom: a perfect parabola. This shape is made specifically in order to avoid the breakage of the delicate Jamaica Blue Mountain crema. Second, the cupola (the cover.) In order to preserve the delightful odor given off by the more than 800 compounds responsible for coffee aroma, and also to preserve the perfect temperature for drinking, the cupola covers. Next, the wall thickness of this cup gradually tapers. At the bottom, thickness to keep the ideal temperature for the liquid, at the top thinness to maximize the lip contact area with the coffee itself.

Several people were involved in creating this cup:
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Technical Advisor: David K. Evans

General Director of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board: Mr. Christopher Gentles

Designer: Santos Bregaña of Atelier Laia