Airswitch Light – On & Off by Moving Your Hand by Robin Bigio & Oliviero Zanon

A new typology of wall mounted light that doesn’t require a permanent mounting. Airswitch Z is an easy to install wall mounted light. Many conventional wall mounted lights requires several holes to be drilled into the wall, and an electric cable that runs inside the wall itself. This often requires an electrician and results in a permanent solution. Only a nail or a screw is required to hang the light from the slit running down the back of the shade. The light uses the AirSwith technology from Mathmos and appeals to both ends of Mathmos’ market people who consume from gadget shops, and people who consume from design shops. The wall mounted light creates an amusing effect of a floating object suspended to the wall that can magically be switched on and off and dimmed without touching it. Although it is design primarily to be used in the bedroom and living room, it also works well in corridors, public spaces and restaurants. Produced in polypropylene by a single-shot injection moulding process, the shade goes straight from the machine to the box. Surface finishes and the coloured edge are integrated in the moulding process. The cable is coloured and treated with a gradient to help the user visualize the area on the wall where they would use the airswitch.

Designer: Robin Bigio & Oliviero Zanon [ Via: Mocoloco ]