The Smartest Kettle

Typically you have electric kettles that heat the water to one uniform temperature. This restricts you to just making soups, tea or coffee and nothing else. With the Smart Electric Kettle, you can set the water to be heated to different temperatures. It’s well designed and practical and is meant for some of those times that you need some warm water and nothing else.

Designers: Yang Izzie, Tong Pokeys and Mo Junyuan


  • Garima says:

    Not a bad idea this kettle.

  • Farida says:

    I think this is just waste of electricity. You can just use the cooktop to boil the water to the required temp.

  • Joey says:

    I like this idea. very useful!

  • Michelle says:

    This is really good. I like my tea lukewarm and not boiling hot. I would love this.

  • doodle says:

    is this available for sale? Or is this just a concept looking for a buyer?

  • Tito says:

    The reason you bring all tap water to the boil 100 degrees centigrade, is to kill off any germs, raising it to 45 or 60 is just going to make you very very ill

  • Dorian says:

    You can buy the same in Argentina since 2008

  • Alex Smith says:

    What’s with everybody on Yanko giving out old ideas and putting them as new idea or inventions?

    What’s so different about this kettle, than the kettles on the market?

    All the designer added, is a thermometer! Phoo!

    And you call it a new invention?

    And do the designers have permission from Haier to use their logo?

    I don’t think so!

    Plus how’s this an invention?

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