Time Capturing Vessels

The first concern of this project is to think of vessels in which time can be captured. Inside this collection are four lines of work: solar, lunar, eclipse, and spiral, all of them suggesting geometric strategies, the four of them together achieving a balance in the same sort of manner as the four traditional elements: fire, earth, air, and water. These are the reconfigured words of Deunor Bregana and Anne Ibanez Guridi of Atelier Laia for their porcelain collection “o! luna.”

Each of these items hopes to achieve something greater than the original plates, for example, which were made to fit industrial requirements and did not take into account the fine diner. In another piece, water is the inspiration, it’s structure capturing the light in such a sway way. In another, the sensuality of the human body. Finally, the spiral, carrier of mysteries.

This collection does not seem like a limited collection, and I hope it continues on for a long time. It’s totally beautiful and thought out to the maximum. Materials and processes mix to form a really wonderful set of wares.

Designer: Deunor Bregana and Anne Ibanez Guridi of Atelier Laia