Guess What This is… #6?

It’s that time again. Time to guess what this item is without us telling you what it might be. Look at the preview image here, or if you came into this post from somewhere other than the index page, take a look at the gallery below without reading the description, and guess. Guess what this is, and behold, in the end of the third paragraph, is the real answer.

While you’re thinking about what this item is, take a walk over to Guessing Game Deuce or Let’s Play the Guessing Game or search for another guessing game in our collected past by searching the word “Guess.” They’re all good, they all sort of rock.

Guess below in the comments if you wish, then take a listen: this is a sponge for boots made in the shape of a computer mouse. Yes indeed, for cleaning your boots, (or otherwise shiny shoes,) is a mouse-shaped sponge tool with a button for dispensing cleaning fluid or water. Congratulations you were right!

Designer: Denis of FrameDesign