Meet the Totem lamp that can be used individually or stacked together to light up any space!

Life in a rental apartment has its cons but one thing that comes to my rescue each time is to set up our lighting! Lighting can make or break a space and a modular solution like Totem Lamp is a solution we all need as it presents a modular solution – adaptable to each room we have.

Inspired by the Native American Totem Pole, the Totem Light is made up of individual light modules that can be used together by stacking on top of each other as a floor lamp. The individual modules can be hanged from the ceiling or even used as a table lamp. Made of hand-blown glass, each module of the light carries a unique texture that makes the lamp literally stand out and shine.

The textured glass brings to mind a reflective surface, where the evening lights shimmer gently each night. Minimal, hand-crafted, modular, and functional – the lamp is the perfect lighting solution and the only limitation is your imagination!

Designer: Ren Hongfei for ING+