This smart wok is the kitchen superhero sidekick that automates your work every time you cook!

Quarantine has pushed a lot of us into the routine of cooking all of our own meals, which has been an easier dance to follow for some of us than others. If you enjoy cooking, then falling into the groove of routine meal prep might have been easy enough, but for those who don’t enjoy cooking, finding the inspiration, time, and space, might feel like a chore. Tineco, a smart home appliance company, has designed Food One, a smart wok for the kitchen that makes the process of cooking meals throughout the day a lot more efficient.

Food One was designed for young people living in cities who don’t have either the time or skill set for cooking multiple meals throughout the day. Beginning early 2020, the pandemic’s quarantine orders forced many of us out of restaurant booths and into our kitchens to cook our own meals. Fully integrated with smart technology, Food One operates as a classic smart assistant, with Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. After connecting to Food One’s app, users can choose from a long list of available recipes suitable for cooking with the smart wok. Alternatively, those who enjoy cooking can upload their own recipes to Food One’s app for others to learn and follow.

Each unit from Food One features a seasoning compartment above the wok dish where users can toss in the different spices a recipe calls for and let the wok finish the job. Joined together with an attached scale and digital display screen, Food One comes equipped with all the tools necessary for a meal at home that gives your go-to dish from your favorite restaurant a run for its money.

Designer: Tineco

Equipped with an attached scale, digital display screen, seasoning compartment, smart wok, Food One comes with all the tools needed for a meal at home.

Food One was designed for young people living in cities, so maintaining a relatively compact size was a top priority.

Users can activate Food One through its accompanying app that stores recipes and ideas for the kitchen.