A Strip of Car

A Mobius strip is a surface with “one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180°” (Apple Dictionary.) It’s named after its discoverer August Ferdinand Möbius who basically found it super interesting because it was forever three dimensional. The vehicle you’re about to glance upon is the Mobius as well, this one designed by Tommaso Gecchelin who aims to merge aesthetic suggestions of both math and geometry into one harmonious shape.

The insides of this car are wild as the out, as it employs blind-spot avoiding technologies such as flexible OLED screens, head-tracking cams, and HD external cams to unify the person driving the car with the environment the car is driving in.

Super shiny. Should take a long while to clean if you drive through the mud! Then again, I’m sure you’ll only drive on gold-paved streets with this beautiful angel.

Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin