Make Biodiesel Your Own

Apparently this super fabulous fuel situation known as Biodiesel is the miracle source of energy. Designer Ben Guthrie informs us that Biodiesel “is a renewable resource, completely biodegradable, non-toxic, cheap to make, and ingredients are readily available, often for free as by-products of other processes.” What Guthrie would like to do, spread the love of Biodiesel, is a very noble thing, as Biodiesel is not (yet) a widespread process.

What Guthrie would like to do is offer the world the convenience of making their own Biodiesel at home, in a safe and easy manner, with a fabulous looking pump! According to Guthrie’s research, the personal Biodiesel processors on the market now are very expensive, not very user friendly, and on the whole, sort of suck. DIY methods are available online, but as you’ll see from an example in the gallery below, can get really messy really quick. Yuck. Nasty. Sticky goo.

The machine Guthrie presents here uses a process in which you pour the ingredients needed into the top, and poof! Gas! Automated pumps, heating elements, and thermostats do all the work. A simple-to-read display shows the user what’s going on inside the box, and a pull-out tank collects the waste, which is glycerin, which can be disposed of or turned into bars of your favorite kind of Fight Club soap!

The process is non-toxic and requires only an electrical source and a water line to operate.

Designer: Ben Guthrie