This autonomous single-rider pod connects with like-minded strangers to encourage social interactions during commute

In the modern-day world, we have got isolated from social interaction especially when we talk of solo drives to the nearest city or the usual commute in your vehicle. Just imagine how interesting it would be to have fellow riders on the highway bubble up in a social swarm of riders for interesting social interaction. A future where autonomous vehicles are designed in such a way that they can form a swarm-like formation to have interesting conversations while homing in on your destination without having to worry about a thing.

Chuan Jiang’s Concept Bubble takes us closer to that future, aiming to break the social barriers, and turn the increased number of vehicle-centered space on the streets into a human-centered space. This permits natural communications while also keeping in mind the transportation needs in today’s busy lifestyle. The concept makes even more sense since gradually automotive manufacturers are shifting focus towards mobility services. Chuan’s idea was fueled by the observation that if a medium is put between soap bubbles they merge together. Likewise, his bi-directional pod for solo mobility also merges with other like-minded people on the road.

Concept Bubble is designed to cocoon the rider in comfort with a laidback riding position, and the cushioned seat moves in 360 degrees orientation for flexibility in social interactions with other such riders. The internet-enabled autonomous pod is connected with all the other Bubble riders, and one can shout out for interaction on any subject for others to join in. It’s an interesting way to break the ice and start-off new acquaintances with strangers without even leaving the safety of your pod. If things get uncomfortable, you can simply move on without having to worry about a thing.

Designer: Chuan Jiang