So it might be just a little paranoid, but the Riot Table is definitely one uniquely versatile piece (and quite attractive!). A response to recent rioting around the world, the table features a welded steel pipe frame and removable top that doubles as a shield! You never know!

Designer: Max & Max


  • Quintin says:

    Genius… 🙂

  • Rawwhale says:

    Rich folks buying designer furniture made from replicas of cop gear (used to smash protesters faces in) just to feel included in the riot trend? Ugh, thats sickening.

    However, this raises so many interesting social and political issues that I appreciate it as a work that intersects design, art and cultural commentary.

  • max says:

    hey, just wanted to reply to your post quickly: it is real riot gear (used) and not for sale at all. this is meant to be a concept/ art project, not furniture for rich dudes 🙂 hope that explains a bit, have a great day.

  • James says:

    I soon as I saw this and the word riot, I knew someone would start objecting and dribble on about human rights, left wing politics and snobbery. And sure enough, I didn’t have to wait long. I think people confuse fun concept designs with political agendas and really confuse the words ‘protester’ and ‘rioter’. I think this a novel fun piece of design, has a bit of a “saw” look to it, as in the films. Probably not something someone would actually have but still fun none the less. Is it meant to be more of a table or a container / box?

  • alex is awesome says:


    Seriously, lets widen it to the 10% vs the 90% and then all the people who are protesting get taken out of the equation too, and its only the actual poor people who are left out of the equation.

  • alex is awesome says:

    I was hoping this would come up next to the guy 2nd from the top. Not you James. I love you!

  • Rawwhale says:

    Thanks max! That’s all I needed to know, love it!

    My reaction wasn’t based on left wing politics, snobbery or especially the indulgent web-casted whines of the occupiers. I’m in design school in New York and I’ve seen so many “riot” inspired sneakers, cell phones, high-fashion collections, furniture, bicycles and architecture (and all those magazine covers and advertisements) aimed at the super-rich in the past few months that I guess I’ve gotten a bit jaded by the irony. Once you have seen enough pictures and video of Arab Spring rioters getting beaten to death by riot shields it’s hard to control your gut reaction but the fact that we are talking about this makes the design successful.

  • S says:

    Hey Rawwhale, a good rioter needs a shield too!
    I highly doubt this concept table is meant to ‘support’ the police side of things. If you ever get into an ‘indulgent whine’ of your own, I recommend you strap on a helmet, and perhaps grab your coffee table.

  • tana says:

    well i just think it’s quirky.

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