Crystal Wrist

Let me continue our legacy here on Yanko of presenting completely amazing, strange, and weird, with this “Retro-Futurism” timepiece from designer Carson Leong. It’s a digital timepiece that “celebrates the magical properties of fused fibre optics.” I couldn’t have said it more wonderful myself. The watch has its top glass (Sapphire crystal) replaced by fused fibre optic with 12 facets, each of the 12 representing one hour of the day. When turned off, the watch becomes a unique fashion accessory with a black gem (the optic) at the helm.

When the watch is on, a pattern is projected to the top surface of the fibre optic, only fully visible from the very top. Tiny sections of the output are visible from the sides, making the entire watch like a fantastically classy kaleidoscope. Wear this everywhere, at all times, except I’m not sure if it’s waterproof or not so probably not on your boating trips. But everywhere else, wear this out. You’ll get all the looks. Classic, futuristic, fabulous.

Designer: Carson Leong