Zippo Fire Starting Multi-Tool will you be your best friend for those camping nights

If you’ve ever gone camping, chances are you probably had to start a fire for your cooking or smores needs. As someone who has never have done this but have seen enough movies and TV shows where people struggle with it, I can only guess that it’s pretty challenging if you don’t have the right tools or if you actually don’t know how to do it. Fortunately for those who still have to do it manually, there are a lot of tools now (and YouTube).

Designer: Zippo

The Fire Starting Multi-Tool from Zippo should be able to do the job for you as its name says. It’s basically a Swiss knife type of tool that has everything you need to start a fire and do other outdoorsy things. It has a flint wheel ignition that should be able to spark that fire and then add shavings from the tinder grater that’s part of the tool. It also has a 420 high-carbon steel knife blade and a double cut saw blade that should let you cut through things like branches which you also need to kindle the fire.

You should be able to start up to 15 fires at 1 inch each or 12 fires at 3 cm each with what’s included in this tool , which includes 1 flint. It also comes with a fire paracord and bail with an attachment point. For non-fire things, there is a bottle opener and screwdriver so you can enjoy a bottle of beer once the fire has been started.

If you often go outdoors and start campfires and such, this is a handy tool for you to always have with you. Zippo is even offering a combo kit which includes other fire starting tools that you may need if you ned to have those smores while exchanging campfire stories.