One Fabulous Foot

This right here is a prosthetic leg for women, and women specifically. This is “Outfeet,” a limb made to tend to unique needs women with an amputated leg face or might face on a daily basis. Outfeet is made to tend to the often failed attempts of prosthetic groups to create a limb that replicates the look and workings of the female silhouette and muscle structure. Outfeet aims to be not only a medical device but a fashion accessory as well. Recreations of the spirit through the leg.

The leg has bones and flexible skins that can be stretched onto its carbon fiber body. The body gives Outfeet the volume and silhouette of a leg without compromising the functionality of the leg or overloading it with weight. Now all you’ve got to know is the last detail, that being the music used in the fantastic explanation video below: it’s Onili, an excellent bit of music if I do say so myself.

Designer: Aviya Serfaty