Line Up The Tangles

The problem addressed in the Line Block Cable is so true to home, it’s the one most of us face when we hook up too many gadgets in one area. Not that we can help it, it’s ideal to have the TV, CD player and the music housed together. As a result, their cables leading up to the socket can get messy and unsightly. Line Block cables are constructed in such a way that they can tag 2 or more wires in a piggy-back fashion. Essentially this means that if the gadgets have this unique structured cable, they line up one-atop-the-other and split out only near the socket, to give a neat finish.

This also means a whole new perspective to the wire and cables industry!

Designers: Junbeom So, Lee Ji Eun, Yi-Seo Hyeon, Heo-Hyeoksu & Jeong Minhui


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