Squeezable and Rechargeable Lantern

The Küch Lantern is very similar to some other lanterns already in the market but one thing is does differently is you can squeeze its squeezable body to activate it. Otherwise you turn it on by spinning a rotary dial at the base. Speaking of which it charges with a dock. No details on how long the charge will hold or how long the light will last but isn’t this just perfect for those moonlit strolls?

Designer: Charles Jones







  • Alexi says:

    Sweet! If the battery lasts long… like for the purpose of emergency lights or when the power goes out, this would be really handy.

  • meira says:

    Like the design!

  • R says:

    Interesting concept. As for the shape, it looks like something I would buy for a kid – not myself as an adult. Personal may be, but taking in to consideration the soft and “fat” shape as well as detaching it from the base to carry it around – how many adult’s actually do that?

    So, great concept – Wrong target (and represantation of the product)

  • Phil says:

    sweet charles.sweets.

  • rob says:

    Lovely job charlie, I’d buy one!

  • Ron says:

    Wondering about the battery life.
    I’m not too crazy about the design.
    It’s kind of Fisherprice-like.

    It also doesn’t look very bright.

  • kishan says:

    hi dear really want to buy this ……..cute
    pls send the detail to contact

  • joao says:

    really good
    when the lights go out we always look like busy fools trying to find the candles or the torches

    this one really makes it simple

    good work charles

  • Nalin Khanduri says:

    Hi, i am intrested to buy the product , pls send me the specifications and price for the same.

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