Wood, Plastic, and Light

It’s a fabulous link between plastic and wood. Yes, plastic and wood, the most amazing two materials in the world! But look – in this case the plastic is flexible and the wood is rigid. The plastic embraces the light to protect you from it and to diffuse the warm color. The wood… it’s natural. The lamp is sold unassembled to save space during transport and so that at the end of the life of the lamp, each piece can be separated and recycled in the most pure way. No glue or nails needed.

This is a fantastic trend, things coming to you in pieces. I’m sure you’re completely aware that this is one of the essential ideas behind the IKEA chain. It makes things so much simpler for the store and so much cheaper for the consumer, the consumer whose completely capable of putting their furniture, lamps, and silverware containers and accessories together themselves. Everyone loves DIY!

And now this lamp! What a lovely little dish!

Designer: Damien Urvoy